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and sometimes, we have a educate people who are scared, you know, about the changes that are happening in the community. that's often what we have to bear with but i'd like to think that's something we can do and people who are attended e opposed can work hard to meet the people who are doing a lot of great work in the neighborhood. so i'll be supportive of this resolution here today. i will not be - i'm not in favor of changing the languages or stabilizing it for more information. my experience with the homeless camp so over the years. i'm concerned the count is being inaccurate and i find the homeless numbers is very sound and its something i give a lot of creed dance too. i'm surprised that the numbers are highway. i hear all the time about the homeless people in the streets. people have access to food, bombards and a place to sleep that can alleviate problems and a decrease in the impacts of homelessness there by having the facilities in place. i want to thank everyone for coming hero and touching envy heart. i want to entries, you know, i understand the concerns that have come up
people, people that have blue- collar jobs. really, it is paramount and centered on education. for young people, making sure, ensuring we are providing them a quality education in public schools. i served as chair on the select committee, a committee between the members of the board of supervisors and members on the school board, coming together to address the challenges. in this particular case, we are talking about education. we are talking about a working- class community, the excelsior, the bayview, all of these different neighborhoods are smaller enclaves. we still see the same kinds of challenges. when the schools begin to perform a stellar academic programs, businesses will continue to relocate because the employees will want to live in san francisco and want kids to be educated here. it is a cyclical and symbiotic creation ship. another challenges that we have the highest unemployment rate in this part of san francisco. san francisco before, the numbers are starting to come down a little bit. we have high rates in the latter part of last year, but it is starting to -- it is start
professor craig wilder reveals how the slave economy and higher education grew up together. that "the american campus to it as a silent monument to slavery." welcome to democracy now! talk about america's most elite universities. what relation do they have to slavery? >> i think there are multiple relationships. the first and probably most provocative is the relationship to the slave trade itself. in the middle of the 18th century, from 1746 to 1759, fewer than 25 years, the number of colleges in the british colonies triples from 3 to 9. it triples and that 25- yearperiod which coincides with the height of the slave trade. it is precisely the rise in the atlantic economy based on the african slave trade that allows for this fantastic articulation of new growth of the institutional infrastructure. >> let's talk specifically about particular universities. you do look at some universities in the south, but also in the deep north. harvard. >> it is a very northern story. when you think about the colonial world, until the american revolution, there's actually only one college in the south,
have famously said after the last shutdown there's no education the in the second kick of a mule. so i have to ask you about the second kick of a mule. what happens when we come back to this argument about debt limits again next year and back to this argument about continuing resolutions for the budget? is there a third kick of a mule in the offing here? >> no, we're not going to shut the government down. we're certainly not going to default. but it's an important time to talk about the $1 trillion debt we've run up. about -- looking at it another way, we've accumulated more debt during the obama years than all the presidents from george washington to george bush. this is an alarming statistic. further evidence of what we're leaving behind for the youngest generation. so when you do something like raise the debt ceiling it's not been uncommon going back to the 12950s for there to be significant reforms attached to it. frequent they happens with a continuing resolution. we think it's alarming that america now has a debt that makes us look like a western european country and we think we
and file wanted the future to earn their positions and they wanted them to commit to education and wanted them to commit to hard work and that where john comes in and insurances us and the citizens that we serve and these people are committed to hard work and committed to being knowledgeable about what is good about our city. we will represent mostly construction workers and build the buildings and sometimes we have a falling out with our friends in the environment and often times we find the common grountd and talking about the public sector workforce. i am proud of the people that we have been able to graduate and how we have been honest about the people who were not committed to doing the work for 30 years or so, and that was kind of the key, and earn these jobs and respect your duty and take care of this important business, my hope is that you will all take interest in this program moving forward that you will accept our invitation to come on down and that you will recognize that nikki, and teresa and romon and joan are the people that really put this program together and unlike most
in the area of east los angeles california in 1982 in an environment that value as quick fix over education and learning, a new teacher at garfield high school. that's wikipedia. here is rand paul. >> in the area of east l.a., in 1982, in an environment thatle have as a quick fix on education over learning, he was a new math teacher at garfield high school. >> rand paul is just reading wikipedia and passing it off as if it is his open words. wikipedia entry continues. as the year progresses, he is able to win over the attention of the students by implementing innovative teaching techniques, able to transform even the most troublesome teens in to dedicated students. hit it, senator paul. >> as the year progressed, he was able to win over the attention of students by implementing innovative teaching techniques. he transformed even some of the most troublesome teens in to dedicated students. >> and wedding bells were rippinging tuesday at the supreme court. former just tip is an take day o'connor owe fesh yofficiated te same sex wedding. and that is this morning's dish of scrambled politics. >
is that the data is so clear on what music education does for children all the way around. not just for their tone or there is a, but the performance in the key subject areas. >> math and science, we can use some mathematicians. clearly in my children. my wife homeschools. we got them into music and immediately, all of their subjects got better. unfortunately, it means everything and one of the first things to go as the music program. -- is the music program. tavis: why did you choose to homeschool? >> we are church people. we are believers. we wanted to make sure that our .hildren were specially guided you don't get that in schools. good at it.ery i don't think it is for everybody. if you are not good, you can hire other people to help you do it. my boy, they told us he is going to struggle. in kindergarten. now he is in the engineering program at asu. my daughter is a high school student at community college. she homeschooled until she was 17. it has really paid off for us. they have a firm foundation. take me back and tell me how you started getting so proficient. >> i started out as an oboe pl
beginning we have a number of new staff that have joined the school education team to work throughout the year raising awareness and in our schools and zero waste and water education and water conservation, and september also means that there are a number of conferences so, a couple of conferences that i have attended one is the urban sustainability network which is annual meeting of 120 sustain able directors across the u.s. and canada to meet about the pry offerty and share the best practice and so that was a meeting that i just returned from and had an opportunity to share what we are doing in san francisco and also picked up the great programs from other cities as well. and i did want to highlight the fact also that i just returned also from london, and where i went to represent the mayor, and the city of san francisco, as part of the city climate and leadership awards that were put on by seamonds and c40 and i will be honor to go and get it for the waste management category and the first year that they did the awards but there are ten different categories from across the world wh
not there this improves educational outcomes. even the department of education's own study on headstart shows you a lot of these early investments don't pay off. >> let's turn to new jersey where you are a voter, james, and chris christie, the republican governor, looks like he's going to coast to re-election, but there's an interesting ballot initiative that would imbed, raise the minimum wage and imbed future minimum wage increases into the constitution. >> right, into the state constitution. it's knocking the state minimum wage about a point above, going to about 8.5%. $8.25 an hour. this is really when you look at young people and their struggle to find work in new jersey, this is about the last thing we need. our state has a higher unemployment rate than any of our neighbors. pennsylvania, new york, delaware. and it really is above the national average. so now you're taking that group of people that wants to come into the workforce, that wants skills, that wants to show they can do a job, and you're making it that much harder for small businesses to hire them. >> let's turn to virginia. which i be
and that neighborhood would be district 10. i did not come here to educate the new community persons that want to see boyfriend transition but for those of who who don't know most of our district meetings are at 6 o'clock p.m. i've been covering the meeting on an average of 15ometers per month that's the common timeframe that the community meetings are held. if i know about those i suggest you call our southeast at the phone 41 - we have a host of other events in our district. on behalf of my being here it's important to recognize that on february 27 of 2013 a resolution was insinuated and passed for our commission in support of the resolution that has been submitted by our mayor ed lee. i'm on a the time combhant i constraint here. after the mayor's office of office of hope the commission at its regular meeting on february 27 unanimously passed a resolution hereby expressing their support in its efforts to convert jen's street into a one hundredhi. they already serving 80 people and let those supervisors do what they need to do they've got to get on the mayors housing. their krashthd with this man l
families came with with an education, they brought a lot but redevelopment saw to it that they destroyed the family. so in shock today you guys to some legally are calling upon the state of california to create affordable housing so we have tons and tons of market rate housing but we don't have affordable housing and then we have affordable housing, we choose to build them on contaminated sites like the shipyards which are grown to flooding. you can't understand that because you don't read the engineering reports but i can because i've read it and i have experience. the state of california is going along with some legal -- because it's impossible to build thousands and thousands of affordable housing. it's impossible to built them because of the time restraints and because of the money so what do you do? you a gree to put people who are poor and put them in small blocks and call them affordable housing. i wish you the best. but we as advocates can hold to the fire and start a resolution. thank you very much. >> jackson. in listen, i'm thinking i'm hearing a report that i was in a
for the education but the passion for redeveloping neighborhoods you such as the western edition was god-given. it's been fulfilling over the last thirty years. the second point of my personal history is when we were asked by the members of this community to undertake the development of the filing more site. i was being asked to work on a site that has great importance. during the process of putting that project together i have frequent encounters with ms. rogers prior to her passing and i remember initialing we proposed it was a mixed project including 40 percent of the units affordable to low income residents. this was a program that was favored by ms. rogers and many in the community but in the end the agency wanted them to be condo. we met with ms. rogers to discuss the change (laughter) >> shall i pray now? (laughter) >> she agreed to support the project spitting of her own personal desires to see something of significance to be developed in the western edition by black folk as rooerd townsend refers to us and she supported our efforts to support that project. the connection of those two p
closing wasteful tax loopholes and wants to protect education and road projects. >>> some visitor facilities remain closed after last month's shut down. this includes many of the rest rooms and camp dprownds found at the parks, litter removal and other maintenance has also been cut back. a spokesman for the army corp. of engineers said the resolution that ended the shut town didn't release all of the funds they need. he said it won't be fixed until congress passes a new budget. >> the obama administration said the health care website should be working smoothly by the end of the month. experts said they were able to make progress despite computer crashes. on thursday a house committee released documents showing only six people were able to enroll on october 1st but three million tried to access it. the white house said those numbers are unofficial and said it'll release a accurate count in a couple of weeks. >>> a health care plan in alameda has been removed. it was one of 12 options available on the exchange. it was removed because it failed to get a necessary state license by t
of this and need to really educate their kids about what is out there because they all want to do it, there is a -- a gressive approach here for them to really go out looking for it. it's on craigslist. it's a very dangerous drug. >> thank you so much for bringing your experience in here. much more about molly including what investigators have to say about it coming up tonight at 1 is 1 after scandal. >> weather wise some good news on this halloween night in terms that most of the shower action remaining just west of the baltimore area as we start trick or treating. i think through about eight, nine we should be generally dry. not that we couldn't have a passing shower but the heaviest rain looking like it'll hold off. very mild. no need for extra layer. temperatures are still near 70. could be uncole uncomfortable in some of the heavy duty costumes. big rain maker is inbound. it'll impact overnight and on and off throughout the day friday. planning for wet morning and afternoon but for tonight, a relatively quiet evening. upper 60's with spooky clouds, a few showers by midnight.
in the state. >> most maryland universities have alcohol education programs and basic training but this collaborative takes it a step further. >> schools will develop multilevel interventions, targeting students, parents and the surrounding area. >> colleges don't exist in bubbles. they're right next to communities. we've got to work with the communities to reduce the level of risk from alcohol use. >> the collaborative will provide public health expertise and help them assess which strategies will work. >> we will not make that go away, but we can help empower them to do it a little smarter. >> linh bui wjz eyewitness news. >> the university system of maryland and johns hopkins university host the collaborative. >> nearly a dozen other colleges participate. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news saturday morning. >> on the floor now! >> tsa agents targeted a gunman shoots three security screeners at l.a.x. killing one of them. the chaos for travelers and what we're learning about the suspect. >> growing frustrations with washington. good morning i'm meghan mccorkell with
to quality education." tomorrow he'll be on the campaign trail with ron paul in fairfax. >>> three people are found dead in maryland -- in a maryland home. a county firefighter among them. tonight a love triangle may have lead to this murder/suicide. officers found the bodies of the 27-year-old firefighter andrew hoffman and his girlfriend marie hartsman inside hoffman's home early this morning. both were shot to death by baltimore city police officer christopher robinson. robinson then turned the gun on himself. he was a third generation firefighter who just last july was honored for safely returning a wandering toddler to his home. >> it shows that it was a tragedy. we were quickly able to determine through our evidence and investigation that this was a murder/suicide. a domestic type situation. >> he had been with the department since 2006. >>> erica grow is outside to tell us about the morning forecast. erica? >> it is going to be cool out here tomorrow morning, bruce, but not as cold as when you are leaving for work on friday morning. let's get a look at that wake up weather forecast
reservation for this educational event and attend so you can better understand this opportunity. put the power in your hands and start taking control of your own life financially. >> shawn and i attended than's event a year ago, and we were pretty much novices when it came to real estate. the way that our business has been growing, i'll be able to quit my regular full-time job within the next 12 months. >> at the event, we will also teach you thsecond way i flip properties. and that's by fixing the property up and then selling it, like we do on our tv show. for example, this is one of the 31 properties i'm working on right now. on this property alone, i'm gonna make several times over what the average american makes in a year. just imagine how doing just one deal like this would impact your entire life. in fact, here are the profits i made in the last two months alone, just on properties i've rehabbed. i love this aspect of real estate because you can make even bigger profits, while, at the same time, you're improving neighborhoods. however, it's not as easy as it looks on tv. that's why you h
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is brought to you by mcdonald's thanking baltimore educators with free premium roast coffee every tuesday. thank you from baltimore mcdonald's family. don, back to you. >> thank you. >>> penn state is paying millions to those abused by jerry sandusky. mike schuh is live with details. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. the number of known victims in the penn state jerry sandusky sex scandal jumped dramatically. in a nearly $60 million settlement it was disclosed that 26 additional young men were strong enough to -- enough to be included in the agreement. a local scholar says the settlement was the wisest role for the schools. the money is covered by the school's insurance. mike schuh reporting live. >>> a local man is facing charges for selling drugs on the black market web site known as the silk road. jacob george the fourth is charged with selling heroin and other drugs on the site which the feds brought down earlier this month. police make arrests following the fatal shooting of a hotel worker in oxon hill. surveillance video
's handling of health care and education, many democrats simply ignored her. and they haven't continued to ignore their gubernatorial nominee. it's true that democrats were probably not ever going to win this race. christie is simply too popular, thanks in part to his definite handling of hurricane sandy last year. democrats could have prevented christie from the sort of massive victory that he could use as a springboard for a 2016 presidential run. christie's campaign has not even tried to disguise that they want to run up the margins in this race so they can tell every republican who will listen that the state who re-elected barack obama by 17 points turned around the next year and backed chris christie by an even bigger margin. democrats could have denied him that. they could have worked to keep buono close, to keep christie from gaining momentum, from a massive victory in a blue state. instead, christie has built a 33-point lead without putting up any real fight on the democratic side. and that could come back to haunt them once 2016 rolls around. joining me now is e.j. dionne, a "w
spending on education, infrastructure and research. he said cutting for the sake of cutting is not helping grow the economy and deficits are falling fast on his watch. >> remember our deficits are getting smaller, not bigger. on my watch they are falling at the fastest pace in 60 years so that gives us room to fix our long-term debt problems without sticking sticking it to young people or undermining our bedrock retirement and health security programs or cutting basic research that helps us grow. >> house and senate budget negotiators hope to strike a deal that would avert a new round of automatic cuts set to hit the pentagon and domestic programs. >> a concord food bank is look to add security after thieves target add building that's under construction. police say someone stole $18,000 in building supplies and tools from the new monument crisis center on market street tuesday night. the project's foreman said workers are forced to share tools which could delay the scheduled opening set for late december. >> it was heartbreaking. we come into work and the doors are open. all of my personal
an ambitious "back to work" public investment agenda in education, infrastructure which is in terrible shape in this country, renewable energy. and it was categorically ignored. yet the 90 tea party members in the house can shut down the government? >> well, you know, the desire of the progressive movement is for the democrats to act more like a party, to act more like a movement. and there are enough democrats in both houses of the congress to do that, but they need to be more disciplined. and also we need to realize that change doesn't happen from inside washington. it happens from the grassroots and then changes washington. >> but peter -- >> in congress. >> almost every other guest on this show says the same thing you did, that it takes time, it takes patience -- and it has to come starting with roosevelt, from the grassroots up. but we all know there's been great progress in this country on some cultural issues, particularly on gay marriage and equality for gays, but not much movement on the very issues that the people you describe are agitating about out there, environmental issues, in
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under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. >>> next tonight here real answers, last night the children who slept through the smoke alarm. tonight abc's byron pitts is back with one brave family taking a new test and what they learned. >> reporter: every family in every part of america is susceptible to wild weather, ready or not. for the mascot family of brookville, maryland, a windy walk in the park this is not. rather, the early stages of fast approaching tropical storm force winds provided by engineers at the university of maryland wind tunnel. >> this isn't even tropical storm force winds. it's 39 miles an hour. >> reporter: the kids had fun and experiencing the high winds made the family realize how important it is to have a plan. >> in something like this it's hard to think straight. >> reporter: with fema's help we put the mascot family to the test. here's the scenario, a severe storm is in the forecas
on a global crusade against it educates scan reports kerry's attacks have more than quadrupled since two thousand and one and the u s began its war on terror the number of attacks on the kelly's has reached a record high. the national consortium for the study of terrorism respoes to terrorism estimates last year alone there were more than eight thousand five hundred years the tax withholding why he killed more than fifteen thousand five hundred people across africa asia and the least. he walked face his incredible surge of violence this year they recorded six thousand civilian deaths here's how tears i want to take a new mop following the us invasion in two thousand and three. the iraqi prime minister is here in washington. he just said his nation is facing a cold war of genocide and that the revolutions in the region have made it works. the line how about you was created not tied in other organizations were able to expel ethan gain ground. will they benefit from the form of state structures. parents now flock to see maria for a safe haven. and for this area is from a deal between the op
for help educate cheek and reports we know that the iraqi leadership has made a request with us assistance in the fight against terror we don't know the details of that request. the tears wouldn't elaborate on that iraqi prime minister called elk i get this urge for iraq and the needy. the lack of time has arrived in washington in the month that turned out to be big ideas seem to last five years. for those who are following the news is becoming such a rip. the deadliest month in iraq for this many years said he was hearing all the time the fact is that following the us invasion in two thousand and three terrorism has skyrocketed in iraq the sectarian war that broke out as a result of the nation has created a breeding farm and the carrots the iraqi prime minister says it's getting worse because he says as a result of the so called arab revolutions there is a power vacuum in the region which extremist forces take advantage of a specific list of grassy area and the situation there of course even though iraq snoring all my leaky nose with the us invasion has led to his country he can't be call
in the audience. >> we got educational things where we'll have a kid's pledge where we do a model thing where we keep them to stay away from drugs, love your family, and always believe in yourself, and anything in life that you want to accomplish, you can, too, accomplish. >> part traditional circus and part cultural celebration -- the universoul circle is all fun. for "teen kids news," i'm alexa. >> well, that wraps it up for this week's "teen kids news," but we'll be back next week, so see you then. >> write to us at... here's a shout-out to pr newswire for including "teen kids news" on their big screen in times square, new york city. steves: the dramatic rock of cashel is one of ireland's most evocative sites. this was the seat of ancient irish kings for seven centuries. st. patrick baptized king aengus here in about 450 a.d. in around 1100, an irish king gave cashel to the church, and it grew to become the ecclesiastical capital of all ireland. 800 years ago, this monastic community was just a chapel and a round tower standing high on this bluff. it looked out then, as it does today, over th
elections in kosovo the first in which serbia urge minority serbs to bow. surfers education and cousin us political life is a key element of the european union brokered deal to end the dispute there and unlocks eu funds. but today is noting was marred by reports of masked men storming the main polling center in each of the except throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes the worldly local elections but for kosovo's leaders they were approved moniker of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. is it a lot of videos. these are the first free elections for all of kosovo. and that makes them historic our young nation sees his successor though. it was the first boat in the north since kosovo broke away from serbia yet these selections in a test of the political maturity a test of democracy in our country and the best proof that everyone has a voice in the news came in just two years. attention has been focused on the serb minority in kosovo scam snore. one polling station closed after masked men stormed a smashing ballot boxes. ethnic serb hardliners called for a point on. and there wer
something to stay, improve their education and skills to compete. >>> a man pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. he is described as a white male in his 20s. he was wearing a gray baseball cap, also that cap had a black bill and he's wearing sunglasses. >>> it was 40 years ago this week that oakland school superintendent marcus foster was gunned down by two members of what was then an unknown group. the liberation army. dr.foster was the first african american superintendent of the oakland school district. foster advocated for community involvement including giving community members the power to elect school members. a look back at the long fbi hunt for the sla tonight on a second look that's following the 10:00 news at 11:00. >>> some people living in oakland's piedmont neighborhood are calling on the city to close down a near by bar after two shootings that police say were connected to that business. both of the shootings happened on piedmont avenue near the susas bar at the corner of piedmont and mcarthur. alex savidge now with the neighbor's concerns and response from the
. >> you know why i'm here, really, i'm an educator now. what way? >> i'm trying to educate people to this problem of a fib. >> it's an irregular heartbeat. >> this affects like almost 6 million people. >> so you know? >> i know. >> she's an educator. >> and if you have it, you're five times more likely to have a stroke. so go easy on yourself. >> i thought your heart was just beating 'cause you were here. >> i'm excited, but i'm very close to having a stroke. but if you want to know more about it, i want to send people to fibs or take a quiz. like deal or no deal. for everybody that takes the quiz, not only do you learn something, but you end up -- >> i got a little problem. >> what? >> you're worried about giving people a sudden shock and there is 6 million people with afib, yet you want to stun people with your pranks show. and if someone has afib and on your prank show, without knowing it, you could kill them. >> or you could save their life. >> no. the point is, this is so common and if you know about it, you -- >> i didn't know. >> how did you find out? >> i was goi
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